Here you can see the exact dimensions of the U-RACK. If you are still unsure, please contact us at any time by email or WhatsApp.

Dimensionen Regular

Hier siehst du die genauen Abmessungen des U-RACK Regular. Wenn du dir immer noch unsicher bist, kontaktiere uns gerne jederzeit per Mail oder WhatsApp.


Can I mount the tire holders at a different heights?

In principle this is possible. The fact that the wheels are fixed thanks to the recesses prevents them from rolling out. However, this only applies to the Premium variant. Please test it before you screw the tire holders to the wall. Goods that have already been screwed on cannot be exchanged. If you are unsure, contact us at any time.

What is the best way to clean the U-RACK?

The U-RACK is easy to clean with a dry microfiber cloth. If you want to use cleaning agents, test them on a less visible area before use.

Do I need a D-STRAP?

No, this is not necessary with the U-RACK. The tire holders already ensure that the front wheel and handlebars cannot rotate.

Does the Regular hold as much weight as the Premium?
Yes, both wall mounts hold the same amount of weight. The difference lies on the one hand in the material used for the tire holders. In the U-RACK Regular they are made of steel, while the Premium model adds wooden elements.
How do the two cords of the two variants differ?
The cord of the Premium model is attached back to the anchor after it is placed around the bike. The Regular model has a metal hook on the cord to which the loop can be attached. In our assembly instructions, we go into more detail about this feature.