Consigliere della bicicletta

  Mensola da parete per biciclette S-RACK Supporto da parete di design per biciclette Supporto per bici per MTB U-RACK Sticks per bici da parete TWIN STICKS Supporto da pavimento X-STAND per bici Supporto da parete pieghevole per bici L-RACK
Larghezza massima del manubrio
M = 50cm | L = 70cm
M = 52cm | L = 66cm Nessuna limitazione 58 cm Nessuna limitazione 62 cm
Protezione del telaio Feltro Silicone Corda Camera d'aria in gomma Non necessario Feltro

Diametro massimo
del tubo superiore

55mm 60mm Nessuna limitazione Nessuna limitazione Nessuna limitazione 60 mm
Dimensione massima del pneumatico Nessuna limitazione Nessuna limitazione Larghezza: 7 cm Nessuna limitazione

Diametro: 24"-29" | Larghezza: 58 mm

Nessuna limitazione
Materiale Alluminio, Legno, Feltro Alluminio, Silicone, Legno
Acciaio, rivestito a polvere, Legno massiccio di quercia
Legno massiccio di quercia, Gomma Legno massiccio di quercia

Acciaio di alta qualità, rivestito a polvere
& Compensato di betulla FSC

Dimensioni (LxPxA)
30/40 x 24 x 10 cm
33/40 x 10 x 10 cm

Supporto: Premium: 14 × 14 × 1,9 cm |
Regolare: 10 x 10 x 1,9 cm

Supporto del pneumatico: Premium: 21 x 7,5 x 9,5 cm |
Regolare: 21 x 9 x 7,5 cm (x2)

4 x 32 x 4 cm
71,5 x 38 x 34,7 cm 28,5 x 33,6 cm | P: piegato: 8,5 cm;
aperto: 31,5 cm
Numero di varianti 16 24 2 1 1 2
Colore del corpo Nero, Bianco Nero, Argento Quercia, Nero Quercia, Nero Quercia, Nero Bianco, Nero

Noce, Betulla,
Impiallacciatura nera, Impiallacciatura bianca

(Opzionale) Legno d'olivo,
Legno di kebony

Legno massiccio di quercia
Legno massiccio di quercia
Legno massiccio di quercia Compensato di betulla FSC

Which Bicycle Wall Mount is the Best?

Choosing the best bicycle wall mount depends greatly on your individual needs and the type of bike you have. A well-chosen wall mount can not only save space but also help store your bike securely and stylishly. PARAX offers a variety of bike storage solutions suitable for different bike types and sizes. Before deciding which bike hanger is best for you, consider the following factors:

  • Size: If you want to hang your bike on the wall, handlebar width is crucial. The handlebar determines how far your bike needs to hang from the wall. In short, your maximum handlebar width indicates the necessary length of the bike wall mount. PARAX mounts always specify the suitable handlebar width. For example, the S-RACK is available in two different sizes.
  • Frame Shape: Every bike type has a different frame. If your bike has a straight to slightly sloping top tube (like a road bike or gravel bike), you can use any of the bicycle wall mounts from PARAX. For bikes with a strongly sloping top tube (like MTB or BMX), you need to measure if the wall mount will fit through your frame opening. If it does, note that the tires of your bike with a sloping top tube will not hang parallel; the rear wheel will hang higher than the front wheel. Bikes with a sloping top tube can generally be hung floating, so it’s just a matter of taste. The U-RACK bike hanger is specifically designed for bikes with a sloping top tube.
  • Material: Wood or metal wall mounts? If you want to hang your bike in your home, there is no right or wrong. Personal taste can decide, or you might combine both materials. Most of the bicycle wall mounts from PARAX are made of wood and metal and feature a modern and minimalist design, like the D-RACK. If you need bike storage for the garage or outdoors, it’s better to avoid wooden mounts as they are generally not weather-resistant.

By considering these factors, you can choose the best bike storage solution that fits your needs perfectly.


The choice of the best bike wall mount depends on handlebar width, frame shape, and preferred material. Models like the S-RACK and U-RACK from PARAX offer suitable solutions for various needs and bike types. When selecting, consider whether your bike has a straight or sloping top tube and choose the appropriate bicycle wall mount accordingly. Wood and metal materials offer both functional and aesthetic advantages, allowing you to find the perfect combination for your home.

Which Bicycle Wall Mount is Suitable for My Bike?

To select the appropriate bike wall mount for your bicycle, you first need to consider the frame shape. Here are some recommendations based on different bike types and frame shapes:

Road Bikes, Gravel Bikes, Fixies, Hardtails – Straight or Slightly Sloping Top Tubes:

For bikes with straight or slightly sloping top tubes (such as road bikes and gravel bikes), most PARAX wall mounts are suitable. Here is a list of compatible models:

MTBs, BMX – Sloping Top Tubes:

Bikes with sloping top tubes, like mountain bikes (MTBs) and BMX, require a more precise selection. Suitable mounts include:

  • U-RACK
  • D-RACK (with careful consideration)

Ladies' Bikes, Children's Bikes – No Top Tube or Smaller Frame:

For ladies' bikes and children's bikes, which often have no top tube or a smaller frame, the following mounts are suitable:

  • U-RACK


The selection of the appropriate bicycle wall mount depends on the frame shape of your bike. All PARAX models are suitable for straight or slightly sloping top tubes. For all other bike types with non-straight top tubes, ensure the compatibility of your bike with the mount to guarantee secure and proper storage. It is also important to consider your handlebar width. In the section "Which Bicycle Wall Mount is the Best?" you can find detailed information about handlebar width and size selection. By reading this information, you should be able to choose the right bike storage solution without any issues.

Which Bicycle Wall Mount is Suitable for My Wall?

The suitability of a bicycle wall mount depends on the type of wall on which it will be installed. Here are some specific recommendations based on wall types:

  • Concrete Walls: All PARAX wall mounts can be securely fastened with the supplied mounting materials (universal dowels). Concrete walls provide a stable foundation for installation.
  • Brick Walls: Similarly, all PARAX wall mounts can be securely fastened with the supplied universal dowels. Brick walls are also stable and well-suited for most mounts.
  • Drywall: For drywall, special dowels and mounts designed for lower loads should be used. It is recommended to use hollow wall anchors from the hardware store to hang your bike. The U-RACK from PARAX is particularly suitable for drywall due to its various components and better weight distribution, offering a more secure attachment than simple single-point hangers.

Tips for Safe Installation:

  • Always follow the specific mount's installation instructions.
  • Use the correct dowels and screws to ensure a secure attachment.
  • These are general recommendations based on experience and do not guarantee safety.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your bike hanger is securely and stably mounted, regardless of the wall type.

How to Install a Bicycle Wall Mount?

Installing a bicycle wall mount varies depending on the model, but here is a general step-by-step guide:

Determine Position:

Choose the location on the wall where you want to mount the bike hanger. Ensure there is enough space for the bicycle.

  1. Mark: Hold the drilling template or the bike hanger against the wall and mark the drill holes with a pencil.
  2. Pre-Drill: First, drill the marked holes with a smaller drill bit and then with the correct size to ensure the hole is not drilled too large.
  3. Insert Dowels: Insert the supplied dowels into the drilled holes.
  4. Attach Bike Hanger: Secure the hanger to the wall with the supplied screws. Tighten the screws hand-tight.

Check Security: Ensure the hanger is firmly and securely attached before hanging the bicycle. Regularly check the hanger by wiggling it. To ensure safety, the bike hanger should always be securely fastened to the wall and not wobble.

For specific PARAX bike wall mounts, you can refer to the installation guide provided.

Any Questions?

If you still have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.